Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Miss Saigon Achievement Guide (Easy Way)

This is my simple guide how to earn the Miss Saigon achievement in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

How to Earn the Miss Saigon Achievement

If you need this achievement:

  • Miss Saigon
  • Near-miss (suppress) 8 enemies without hitting anyone, with a single shot from the M1D Garand sniper rifle.

Follow these Steps.


Go find Hill map with 2 round limits. Be Defender and have the M1D Garand sniper rifle.


You are on Defense, and before enemy capturing C and D Objectives you go to this spot seen on the Image below.


Don`t shoot, try to be unseen, until enemy is going for last E Objective!


Once the VC players start to attack E, what You need to do is on my screenshot below.

Shoot above enemy, and Miss Saigon is Yours!


Be Squad Leader, so You can have binoculars. Binoculars are very useful to monitor the enemy movement towards E Objective. Also you can get rid of enemy snipers, if they figure out your position like when you shoot, it can be heard. A good sniper can ID your position very fast so follow Step#3 for success.

You can also try to shoot over enemies when friendly or enemy arty is on, to mask your shots.

Also you can do this with a friend in one Squad, and lock Squad, so noone will interrupt or spawn on you and giving out your position, before you get achie.

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