Risk of Rain Returns – How to Get Infinite Items (Legitimately)

Using the game’s own intended mechanics, spawn hundreds of chests and open them for free wherever you want! Note: Some time investment is needed to pull this off, but it’s worth it!

Guide to Get Infinite Items (Legitimately)

Step 1: What You’ll Need

  • Artifact of Command enabled.
  • Captain’s Brooch (equipment), and Bottled Chaos (red item) unlocked.
  • Tons of Rapid Mitosis (and Beating Embryo if you want).
  • A few hours to kill.

Step 2: The Setup

Use Command to ensure you get a Captain’s Brooch. Using it isn’t likely to speed up the process much, but it won’t hurt.

Next, start using Command to ensure every red item you get is Rapid Mitosis (make sure you have whatever items you need to survive consistently as well). It takes roughly 19-20 Rapid Mitosis to bring Captain’s Brooch down to near-instant cooldown. At 15+ Mitosis, you should be able to spam it every few seconds to speed up the process.

Once you’re satisfied with your Equipment slot cooldown, get a Bottled Chaos. The reason for this is so you can randomly (but reliably) activate the Explorer’s Key effect (opens all chests on the screen). Alternatively, just find an equipment chest, select Explorer’s Key, and swap between the two as needed.

All setup is complete!

Step 3: Free Infinite Items!

All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Clear the level and the teleporter so there’s no monsters, then pick a spot to your liking and hold ‘G.’ The entire area will start filling up with endless chests. Eventually, Bottled Chaos will trigger Explorer’s Key (or you can use one that you found), and you’ll have access to 100’s of items, at absolutely NO cost to you!

Spend however long you want gathering items – at this point, you’re gathering items faster than enemy scaling could ever keep up with, and the game has become completely trivialized. Use this to try whatever stupid or otherwise time-consuming item combinations your heart desires.

Screenshot of my build after steamrolling Providence:

P.S. I recommend trying out 200+ Barbed Wire.

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