Road Scars: Origins – Guide to Get Achievements Easier

Simple steps to avoid time and gasoline consuming drivearounds.

Incoming Cars

In Story mode and Arcade the cars come in right left right left almost or never random.

So it should be easier to plan ahead if you now on which side a car is coming.

In Challenges the cars come in random.


In Challenges you just have to get your goals while maintaining 3 skulls.

You can just continue to drive through as it changes/jumps to the next challenge the further you get.


For Arcade to get the 3 achievements just try to have every second fuel and just drive and avoid fights.

Use Nitro/Boost to get away from other bikers to avoid the fight.

Also drive out of the street to avoid fights and crashes.

Just hold on till the 10k is reached.

General Tips

  • The Boost is only to reach speed above 200 till 240.
  • It does not accelerate faster.
  • Driving perfect on the middle line on the straights will avoid car contact.
  • Almost, there is one driver who just cant stay in the lane, you ba#@§¢$.
  • Driving slow will get you miss the fuel pickups, you have to be fast.
  • Its a reaction game, it tests you.
  • If you are up to the extreme and have a AMD Radeon card try to enable Radeon Enhanced Sync to get a speed boost.
Written by BerzerkWrath

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