Roblox – Marvel and DC Battlegrounds Codes

This simple tutorial will walk you through a list of all active (working) promo codes, including the Marvel and DC Battlegrounds (developed by Marvel and DC Heroes and Villains Fan Group) codes. Because they can expire at any time, you should redeem them as soon as possible. If you come across a promo code that is no longer valid, please let us know so we can update the list. Please keep in mind that codes do not include Robux!

All Marvel and DC Battlegrounds Promo Codes

Note: Roblox Updated

You can take on the roles of your favorite superheroes and bad guys from a range of different brands in Roblox Marvel and DC Battlegrounds. Compete against other players to see who can prevail. Find out which heroes would prevail in hypothetical combat or pit two villains against one another. Attempt to amass every character to become the supreme combatant!

With our list of Marvel and DC Battlegrounds codes, you can find whatever freebies you’re looking for. In the FAQ below, you may learn how to redeem in Marvel and DC Battlegrounds if you’re not sure how. By hitting CTRL + D on your keyboard or the Add to Bookmark icon on a mobile device, be sure to favorite this page.

Active and Valid OP Codes

Use these promo codes to enhance your hero’s appearance or to obtain in-game goodies like as clothing, cash, and more!

After using this code, you will receive some keys to earn for free. You can get a lot of rewards by using the codes below.

  • 27klikes

Expired Codes

This is a list of expired codes, these codes can no longer be redeemed.

  • 24klikes
  • 18klikes
  • 17klikes
  • 16klikes
  • 13klikes
  • 12klikes
  • 11klikes
  • 10klikes
  • 9klikes
  • 8klikes
  • 7klikes
  • 6klikes
  • 4klikes
  • 3klikes
  • 2klikes

How to Redeem Marvel and DC Battlegrounds OP Working Codes

  1. On your PC or mobile device, launch Roblox Marvel and DC Battlegrounds.
  2. In the top left corner of the screen, select the Settings button.
  3. Copy a code from our list and paste it.
  4. Put it in the text field.
  5. To redeem, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

How to Play Marvel and DC Battlegrounds Game

Here at Marvel and DC Battlegrounds, welcome! Play as the villain or superhero of your choice! become well-known super heroes like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man. Alternately, if you’re feeling particularly evil, use Thanos, Venom, and Darkseid’s abilities. Play games, engage in combat, or explore the Marvel and DC universes! To earn coins and unlock additional characters, engage in battle with other players and bosses.

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