ROBO OH – Ultimate Uchuzine Guide

A guide to quite possibly everything Uchuzine.

Definitive Guide to Uchuzine

Introduction to Uchuzine

Do you like Uchu Mega Fight? Or maybe you want a somewhat silly character that can still perform well. Uchuzine is a fairly rounded character with some low numbers but an equally low skill floor, so new players can use him effectively. However, he does have somewhat lacking frame data in some areas, so until that gets improved, the skill ceiling will also remain low.

Uchuzine’s Moves

This section will go over all of Uchuzine’s attacks.

Uchuzine’s Light Attacks

Uchuzine is tied for the weakest lights in the game, but they aren’t inherently worse in any other areas. Use them to do light normal things.

Uchuzine’s Heavy Attacks

Uchuzine’s Standing Heavy is infamous for being -12 on block with no real pushback. As such, it is generally not something you want to be whipping out. For something high risk, go for Command Heavy, as even though it’s even more minus on block, either way you’ll be eating a bad punish, so you might as well go for something with some utility.

Crouching Heavy and Jumping Heavy are fairly decent options, not much to say here.

Command Heavy is a target combo and one of Uchuzine’s main combo tools. Expect to be using this a lot in combos. Unfortunately, it can only naturally juggle once.

Uchuzine’s Grab

Uchuzine has what might be the worst grab in the game, with a bad hitbox and bad damage.

Uchu Ball (Down, Forward)

A fairly standard projectile. The Overdrive version goes at a diagonal angle, giving it a niche as a rare anti-air projectile.

Uchu Copter (Down, Back)

Uchuzine’s approach option, traveling at an arc while spinning their legs around to do damage. The heavy version travels much further and knocks down on the second and third hit. The Overdrive version covers considerable vertical distance at the expense of horizontal distance.

Super Uchu Warp (Down, Forward, Down, Forward, A+B/Select)

This super rushes towards the opponent while invincible. It’s incredibly punishable and kinda low damage, so it’s normally used at the end of a combo.

Uchuzine’s Combos

Here’s some of the best combos I could find:

  • Jumping Heavy->Command Heavy (both hits)->Uchu Copter
  • This is a basic meterless jump-in combo that does 224 damage
  • Jumping Heavy->Command Heavy (both hits)->Uchu Ball (either)->Hyperdrive->Command Heavy (both hits)->Uchu Copter (Heavy)->Command Heavy (first hit)->Overdrive Uchu Ball

This is a combo that uses your entire meter. I think you can get a better combo by ending with Super Uchu Warp, but I can’t get that timing down consistently. It’s still a pleasantly large 437 damage.


Uchuzine is a fun and easy to learn character that is nonetheless not very good. At the end of the day, though, this game is balanced enough where player skill outweighs any sort of tier list, so play Uchuzine if you want to feel like you truly earned your victories.

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