Rocket League – How to Boost Pathing

A simplified guide to proper boost paths and when and how to use them to achieve better boost management.

Boost Routes

  • Small Pads take to spawn – 12 boost, respawn time ~4 seconds
  • Big Pads take to spawn – 100 boost, respawn time ~10 seconds

The most common boost route is the Football Route:

You use this route to rotate in and out of plays. You can access up to 60 boost and stay in the play.

The Lace Route is the very central of the field:

This is the fastest route and is the quickest way to get back on defense. Be Careful** Rotating straight into net can make saves and angles very difficult

The Heart Route is used to get 30-50 boost and stay in the play on offense. The ability to keep pressure is important in scoring goals.

The Rainbow Route is used to keep boost up on defensive rotation:

When your being boost starved or rotating to the back post make sure to use this route to gain leverage and keep your boost amounts high to be able to cover most of the net. Going for big boost leaves your net vulnerable.

The Crossing Route is used to get pads while spacing out or rotating back:

Use this route to switch field sides and fill up needed boost. Spacing helps reduce double commits and using pads helps you stay in the play.

Last is the Race Track Route or Big Boost Route:

Using this route fills you up to 100 Boost. Be very careful because this routes take you out of the play and take a ton of time to get boost.

Remember Using Small Pads help you stay in the Play which makes you score more goals provide better assist and save more goals. Use these paths to unlock your potential and boost your gameplay. Best of Luck!!

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  1. That’s actually a well written guide that may help out new players. :thumb:

    I have never really thought about it like that.. I just drive the car by the memory to collect boost via small and big boost pads alike without thinking about it, but that may be due to the years of experiences afterall.

    • Experience definitely will make this easier. The hardest* part is recognizing when to use each route. With practice and experience this will all become second nature.

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