Rogue Agent – General Guide to All In-Game Mechanics

Complete game guide which contains all info necessary for understanding all game mechanics.

Complete Guide


  • You must choose one of the 5 agents. Each of the agents has 4 different sets of primary stats (see a specail paragraph for stats info). It is also necessary to give the agent a name that does not affect anything
  • You appear on a world map with 13 free cells.

Each cell is a mission for target elimination (the description of the cell is absolutely not important). You need to select one of these cells and your agent will go to this cell on a mission. 4 agents controlled by a computer do the same. There are several possible outcomes here:

  • Only your agent went to the cell you selected. You successfully complete the mission and get +1 level, which allows you to raise one of the primary stat by 10.
  • An even number of agents went to the cell you chose or you were not the last to arrive.
  • In this case, you fight with one of the agents and if you kill him (lower his health below 0), you get +1 level. In the event of a tie, both of you return to your home squares. If your health falls below 0, you will lose the game.
  • An odd number of agents went to the cell you chose and you arrived last. In this case, you successfully complete the mission ignoring all other agents.

The cells on which the mission was successfully completed are painted over and are no longer available for visiting. You need to select a cell again in the same way as in step 2. The game continues until 1 live agent remains on the map.


Every agent has 4 primary stats (perks) that are only used to calculate secondary stats for battles:

  • Life (all agents initially have 50 units) – health, spent in battles with other agents. If it falls below 0, the agent dies and loses the game.
  • Accuracy – accuracy, affects only damage dealt.
  • Evasion – evasion, allows you to reduce the opponent’s damage.
  • Intel – intelligence, slightly increases damage and allows you to slightly reduce the opponent’s damage.

When you level up, you can increase any of the stats by 10.

When fighting with another agent, you will be able to see him and your secondary stats:

  • Life – health, fully corresponds to the primary stat. Does not recover at all, you can only get +10 per level
  • ATK – attack, calculated as floor(Accuracy + Intel / 4) [floor – cutting off the fractional part. For example: floor (1.1) = floor (1.564646) = floor (1.9) = 1]
  • DEF – protection, calculated as floor (Accuracy + Intel / 4)

Both agents inflict damage on each other at the same time and as a result, both can die during a fight.

DMG is calculated as follows:

If the attack is greater than the defense:

Floor (ATK / 5 + ATK - DEF)


Floor (ATK / 5)

In other guides you can see other formulas for damage, but they are only correct with a certain error. The formula in that guide calculates damage accurately

From personal experience, I can see that agents increasing stats randomly, but I did not conduct special measurements

Movement Mechanics

  • If several agents select the same cell, they arrive on the mission in turn in order of distance from the cell (the one who is farthest arrives last).
  • If there are several agents on the same cell, they start a pair battle with each other: the 1st with the 2nd, the 3rd with the 4th between.
  • If there is an odd number of agents on the cell, the last arrived does not participate in the fight, but successfully completes the mission.
  • In case of successful completion of the mission, the agent remains on the mission space, otherwise it is sent to its starting cell.
  • I also note from personal experience that in most cases if you and another agent tried to complete the mission, you fought and the cell was not painted over, then in the event that you go to the same cell, he will follow you. However, I don’t have any statistics on this.


  1. Fighting is not profitable. It is best to visit cells with missions and get stats without losing health. But since we do not know in advance how many agents will go on a specific task.
    It is better to choose the cells to which you go longer than the others. Then there is a chance in case of a fight with an odd number of agents to complete the mission and not lose health
  2. Intel is a garbage feature, you should never download it.
  3. Evasion makes sense to pump it up to +-60, because if your defense > enemy attacks, then it doesn’t matter how much more it is, his damage to you will be fixed.
    It is also worth noting that the bonus 10 defense as well as 10 hp will allow you to get 10 more damage per fight if the opponent’s attack is larger and useless (unlike health) when the attack is smaller.
    However, unlike health, it is not wasted and will be useful in all fights, not just 1.
    Based on this, it makes sense to bring it up to 60 at the beginning of the game, so that in the event of a fight you don’t lose a lot of hp, it doesn’t make much sense to pump further, because. most likely the extra defense will be useless against agents with a small amount of attack.
  4. Life makes sense to pump at the end when you understand that you are winning fights (they can kill your opponent in n fights, all other things being equal) and you need to survive his damage in order not to die with him.
    As already mentioned, at the beginning of the game, defense makes more sense, because. it is not consumed as a result of combat.
  5. Accuracy is the most important stat as it increases your damage no matter how much more defense your opponent has than you. By and large, you can always download it and you will win more than 50% of the games.
  6. It seems to me that the best strategy would be to start as a green agent (Snake, Brazil), because. he has 60 Evasion from the start, which eliminates the bonus from the attack of the strongest red agent (Kraven, Russia) with constant accuracy pumping on him.
    The exception is cases when you realize that in the next fight you can lose all your health. Then it makes sense to take health so as not to die. Usually by this point you already have about +30 accuracy and you will deal enough damage.

Drop System

The game drops the flags of different countries, which remain in your Steam inventory. Inside the game, they are not used in any way, but you can do the following with them:

  1. Just collect it.
  2. Sell on the trading floor or exchange. However, they cost a little.
  3. Decorate your profile showcase with them. There are profile showcases that allow you to display items from your inventory.

Item drops once a week. Moreover, after receiving the previous item, exactly a week should pass (there is no drop reset as, for example, in CS:GO on Wednesdays).

To get an item, you need to be in the game for 30 minutes (you can play, you can just in the menu) and after 30 minutes play at least 1 round.

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