Rogue: Genesia – High Risk, High Reward Achievement Guide

This is a simple Guide to getting the ??? Achievement.

How to Get the ??? Achievement

Whats this Achievement

The Achievement called ??? or also known as High Risk, High Reward Achievement is a simple one to get, though it requires some big RNG.

What You Need to Do

Its pretty Simple to get this achievement, you just need to get into a game with 20+ Corruption and get a certain event, and that event having a certain option.

Before starting a run, just dial up your corruption to 20+

I use 40 corruption due to the fact using the Sun Stone Talent gives you a decreased corruption % but if you don’t use it, just put it at 20. Top Right Corner before starting a run is where you can change your starting corruption.

Then just go into a F-Rank world in Rog’s Mode and pick a good starting weapon, I use Death Aura, making it easy for me, you might need some Soul-Shop upgrades to have a chance of surviving.

Then just Path your way through as much Question Marks (?) as possible, for the chance of events.

The Event you are looking for is called “Young Sculptor”. In this event you get 4 options, to pick 3 Statuettes or just walk away.

Once you get this Event you might get 3 options with taking a normal statuette like Luna or Skaldi or other ones, but the one you are looking for is called Broken Statuette.

Just walk away and don’t pick anything if you don’t get the Broken Statuette option. You still have a chance to get the event again. You might not get it on your first run, but just keep doing runs till you get it. I had to do around 5 runs before I got it. So its based on RNG a lot.

This is the option you’re looking for.

What You Get

You get an artifact that allows you to Multiply your soul-gain by 3 times, but increases your base corruption by 5 for each stage you have done and it gives negative Damage Mitigation. Over all its a simple achievement and it is a high risk high reward artifact.

Would love to hear how many runs it took you guys to get it! Good look and pray to the RNGods.

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