Rogue Spirit – Useful Tips and Tricks

After completing a couple of succesful runs at Rogue Spirit, here’s a guide full featuring my take on most effective tactics and builds.

Tips and Tricks to Beat the Game


Rogue Spirit is a game that might seem daunting at first, but after you master a few basics you’ll find your runs will rapidly increase in length and you’ll be unlocking stuff in no time.

  • First and most importantly, practice kiting away enemies from groups: This is done by entering the edge of an enemy’s sight radius while in ghost form and then gently exit and enter their sight radius to kite them away from the others. Enemies will walk towards you when you enter their sight radius as a ghost and an indicator in the form of a triangle will show you how close you are to being discovered. If and enemy discovers you you will break stealth and all nearby enemies will be drawn to you, but fear not, with some dashing and backpaddling you can reenter ghost form and the enemies will return to their original position. Practice makes perfect, and when you’ve mastered this technique you will find it it will make challenge levels a breeze and helps you conserve important health for boss stages.
  • Backstabbing: after you kited the enemy away from the group you can wait for it to turn around at which point you can rush in and hit it from behind, this will increase your damage tremendously.
  • Parrying: parrying attacks can help you out of sticky situations although if you’ve mastered the stealth part of the game the need for parries decreases rapidly. You can train parrying at the starting location by visiting the trainer.
  • Demons: Some enemies will have a demon that spawn alongside them when you attack them, make sure you always kill the demon first because they can do some major damage. Luckily their health is low and one hit is usually enough.

Building Your Character

When choosing skills from skill shrines and the merchant it’s important to keep a clear path in mind for your character so you get the most effective build possible.

There are two types of skill shrines: stat shrines and specialty shrines. There will be two stat shrines and one specialty shrine in each level so make sure to always get them before leaving a level.

The most important specialty skill to get is the one that decreases damage received by 20% for 2 seconds after dashing. In boss fights this skill is the key to survival and it should be prioritized over all others.

Other specialties that can be very useful are the one that boosts your damage at low health and the one that increases your critical hit chance for two seconds after breaking stealth.

In terms of stat shrines I found it’s best to prioritize simple damage increases over defense, provided it’s the sort of damage that suits your build.

Boss Fights

As mentioned earlier the key to beating the five bosses lies in smoothly alternating between dashing and attacking. Both for avoiding getting damaged as well as keeping the skill that improves your defense for two seconds after dashing active constantly. The game alternates boss levels with challenge levels so there’s 10 levels in total you’ll have to beat.

For me, going for melee characters over ranged ones helps tremendously in boss fights because you both have more damage output and more health, but it’s also doable with ranged builds.

There are five bosses in the game:

  • Famine: This is the most basic boss fight, which is logical since you won’t have a lot of skills yet. Dashing around him will make you avoid most of his attacks while picking him apart with attacks in between the dashes.
  • War: Still a fairly straightforward fight, except he also has ranged attacks, which can be dodged pretty easily. Like with Famine, dashing around him should allow you to evade most of his attacks.
  • Decay: This fight is probably the toughest bossfight in the game because of his ability to spawn cesspools and tornadoes which rapidly decrease your health. When he conjures a cesspool get some distance between you and Decay and let him come to you so you won’t be trapped in a pool while trying to dash around him.
  • Death: The fight against Death starts out pretty straightforward and shouldn’t give you much trouble, however when her health gets low she’ll spawn four pillars that provide her with a shield that makes her immune to damage. You’ll have to dash towards the pillars while still minding her attacks. Having a body that walks quicker can definitely help out although it’s still doable even with lower movement speed.
  • Demon King: Kill the demon he spawns with first and avoid the tornadoes he spawns to make it through. The tornadoes spawn at fixed locations and don’t move around so they’ll be pretty easy to avoid, other than that this fight is fairly straightforward. He has loads of health and hits like a truck so keeping the dashing skill active is even more important here than in other bossfights.

Upgrading Your Character in the Starting Area

The starting area is where you can trade tokens for upgrades that will improve future runs.

The most important upgrade to get, albeit also the most expensive, is the upgrade that allows you to keep some skills from your previous run, to a maximum of five skills. Other upgrades that are worthwhile getting are the health globe upgrade, the dash upgrade and the upgrade that allows you to keep more money after a run.

When it comes to activated abilities my favorites are the protection field ability, the frost armor ability and the ability that allows you to reenter ghost form even in combat so it pays off to upgrade those, as well as choosing a pet you’ll want to upgrade when you’ve unlocked them.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps out a bit!

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