Rolling Bird – Tips and Tricks

Tips to play Rolling Bird (and by extension, Rolling Thunder) better.

Tips and Tricks

Resumed: Hide, evade grenades and tommy gun overdrive when possible.

  1. Crouch to shoot unless you’re behind a block.
  2. Don’t be reasonable with ammo.
  3. Read the AI.
  4. Don’t go into crowds.
  5. Bombers and small blocks are your best allies and worst enemies, learn to use them.
  6. Train on the last levels, they’re easier because the enemy window is larger. At long distance, this is extremely useful.
  7. When alone, pause and check your resources. It’s easy to miss a brown door.
  8. Put on some heavy metal and let the adrenaline play, don’t think on anything else than shooting and dodging.
  9. Don’t jump too much in high-levels, you may fall on random shots.
  10. Instead of going headbutt in combat, lure your enemies into a different platform (up or down) and kill them slowly.
  11. To dodge, just abuse the high jump, you don’t even need to land anywhere.

Curiosity time, you can see better with an ultrawide monitor. So, preference the best that you have.

Also, after you enter on level 2, 5 and 7, those levels will be available at the warp room, it’s just re-enter the first door on level 1.

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