Romeo Must Live – 100% Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Complete Walkthrough

  • Start a new game.
  • Worth a shot

Where art thou Romeo!

  • Started the game
  • Taste the wine
  • He’ll solve all our problems
  • Merchant must have been boring
  • Don Enrico is sick
  • Parsley and garlic
  • Family business
  • Perch
  • Save 1
  • Hard to focus because of your beauty
  • If R18 patch is installed: Begin! → Continue
  • He’s a fun guy
  • Seems more your problem than mine
  • Save 2
  • Continue on the quest
  • Stay silent
  • Smartest man in Verona
  • I’ve received good schooling
  • Sounds rather foolish
  • Of course I am
  • The Military
  • Hunting game
  • She did not win her own territory
  • Love is rare, so it seems complicated
  • Save 3
  • The Woman’s Pleasure
  • If R18 patch is installed: Begin → Continue
  • I can learn about you too!
  • We’re not really fishmongers
  • Save 4
  • The look is important for our mission
  • It’s a practical choice
  • Substance is more important
  • Not at all
  • Bottoms up!
  • Save 5
  • I have a bit of experience
  • If R18 patch is installed: Begin → Continue
  • If R18 patch is installed: Begin → Continue

Warning: Game softlocks here if R18 patch is not installed.

The bard would be proud

  • Married Juliet and lived happily ever after
  • Load Save 5
  • I am loyal to my one true love
  • Refuse Duel
  • Save 6
  • Accept Duel
  • Save 7
  • Pistols
  • Save 8
  • Shoot First
  • Stand your ground


  • Shot first and survived the duel
  • Load Save 8
  • Shoot Second

Slowest hand in the West

  • Got shot by Reiner von Innstadt during a duel
  • Load Save 7
  • Swords

Romeo De-capulated

  • Decapitated by Reiner
  • Load Save 6
  • Refuse Duel

At least we have the High Ground

  • General Negroni marries Queen Brunhilda
  • Load Save 4
  • He looks stupid
  • It’s a practical choice
  • Substance is more important
  • Not at all
  • Bottoms up!
  • I have a bit of experience
  • Save 9
  • Challenge Negroni to a duel

Overestimated my own power

  • Died in a duel against Negroni
  • Load Save 9
  • Let Juliet go to Negroni

Tavern Tycoon

  • Get Rejected by Juliet and become a tavern tycoon instead
  • Load Save 3
  • The Man’s Pleasure f.BrunhildaPoints-=3

I Believe I can Fly

  • Romeo gets defenestrated
  • Load Save 2
  • Ask Concetta for her hand

Country Roads

  • Gave up on Juliet and married Concetta instead
  • Load Save 1
  • I think I have the recipe down
  • Any option x2

Italian Pincushion

  • Killed by one of Count Silvio’s Guards
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