Roots of Pacha – Farming Tips

Tips to Farming


  • Sun drying is definitely better than smoking. And fermenting better than drying.
  • Process the animal product (milk) to get “contribution” point. DO NOT cook with it thinking you will make more points from the dish.
  • More crops that have higher knowledge have pretty decent contribution points.
  • Dried fish is by far the easiest to gain points especially if you have the sea open.
  • Animal produce is fairly decent even the subproducts, never make food it seems to not go for much.
  • If you have managed to unlock the pickler implement the produce go for atleast 150 points, also once you have the right tools you can get atleast 5k points per day just cave mining and contribute everything you get.


When Jukk teaches you the Spindle Whorl idea you can unlocked crafting haybales.

I highly recommend producing Hay Bales once you can. They’re worth 30 contribution each and you can easily mass-gather the fiber needed in the Savanna. It’s less tedious than doing fishing; you can more or less just go afk while you’re mass-producing hay after you spend a few minutes swiping the Savanna with your scythe.

Can usually get between 2,500-4,000 per run if I spend the day on it.

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