Rover Mechanic Simulator – Perseverance DLC Hard Achievements Guide

Guide for some hard-to-get achievements in Perseverance DLC.

How to Obtain Perseverance DLC Hard Achievements

Ziggy Stardust

Remove the Inlet Filter to get the achievements, some missions requires you to clean or replace the filter, the filter can be found around the rear wheels of the rover.

If someone can’t find them, the location is marked on naked rover.

I’m Naked

  • Disassemble Perseverance rover completely to get achievement.

You need to remove all the parts on the rover until there’s nothing to interact on rover base. If you unlocked everything on skill tree, you can find all parts marked as red/yellow/green as soon as you start to repair the rover (when switched to inspection mode). A naked rover means there’s nothing marked as red/yellow/green.

Here’s a naked rover.


  • Finish all of the Perseverance missions successfully.

You have to fully repair the rover in every mission to get the achievements. Unfortunately, you can finish the mission even without fixing the rover fully and the game will list this mission as a completed one, but it won’t count for Perseverant achievement.

There’s 30 missions for rover and 2 missions for helicopter, you need to play all the mission again to make sure everything is repaired. You don’t need to create another save to complete that, just stick to the original save.

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