Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – Explanatory Guide to Hazards and Lanes

Hazards and Lanes Guide (How It Works)

Useful Tips

Just stay out of the red square zone, sometimes the hazards will cover one whole lane so you’ll be forced to use the other 2 lanes unless you wanna get hit. You can try using speed atks or power atks to avoid the hazards.

You want to use the lanes to manipulate your position/turn. If you see that by using a balanced lane move, you’ll end up in the hazard, you change to a Speed late to take your next action before the hazard, thereby avoiding it because your next turn will probably take place outside the hazard.

Sometimes you have to use a power lane to skip because it’s too close to avoid with balanced or speed lanes.

In other words, the lanes will affect when your next turn will take place.

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  1. Yeah, imho it was badly explained.
    It’s not that switching a lane saves you from the hazard, since that field covers all lanes.
    It just might move your initiative position outside the hazard field if you switch a lane. Which then saves you from that hazard.
    Took me a while to figure it out myself since the tutorial makes it easily misunderstood.

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