Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – How to Defeat the False God (Kraken Lady)

She can’t die from normal means so how to kill her?

Kraken Lady Guide

Took me a try to understand but the description is actually accurate in the game.

You have to apply debuffs like poisoned, burned, etc. to her minions.

When they then die, they damage the boss for every debuff that they have on them.

It does not mean the buffs they stack on themself but debuffs from you.

Braum’s Concussion works, and Yasuo’s “enemies take more damage”. Concussion is especially useful since you can stack it high before killing them.

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  1. the extra minions the false god spawns have an ability that apply a debuff on themselves, each stack does a certain amount of damage to the false god once you kill the minion. basically you just survive and kill the minions, let them get a debuff or two off before killing

  2. I just defeated it. This is correct. My yasuo applied bleed from crit on their minions then it transffered to the boss. Jesus this is a dumb fight.

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