Rune Factory 4 Special – Gay Frey Mod Guide

Guide to Gay Frey Mod

Request appearance order (you face gonna look weird if don’t use appearance order).

  • Bundle file drive.
  • Just extract all file in Bundle folder
  • Save for unlock extra order drive.
  • Go to %appdata%/Rune Factory 4 Special.
  • Before replace save file you need to backup you save first.
  • After backup just replace file and load you save slot (when in load menu save slot will look weird but don’t worry just load you saved slot).
  • Use Extra Order to Change Appearance and Save again replace rf4_sys.sav from you backup done.

For who start new save you need to play with weird face and male voice until arthur force you to start festival and follow the step above.



  • Sir > Miss
  • Prince > Princess
  • Daddy > Mommy

Icon in game

  • Lest > Frey

In dialog file “rf3mc.eng” i replace all “boyfriend” to “girlfriend” if you don’t want just delete this.

Raw dialog file and runetranslator if someone want to edit dialog drive.

It work fine to me but i don’t know this will work for other.

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