Rune Factory 5 – How to Enable Xbox Icons and GE-Proton 7-21 (Steam Deck)

This is a step by step guide with video instructions on how to get cutscenes for Rune Factory 5 working on Steam Deck as well as enabling Xbox Controller Icons for use with the Steam Deck.

Guide to Enable Xbox Icons


So if you are here, you like me have spent hours trying to figure out why the Steam Deck isn’t showing icons even though it’s using the official recommend configuration,

That’s because the recommended configuration is for the PS4 Controller.

This game does not natively support Steam Input based controllers such as the Steam Deck or Steam Controller, so after several hours of tinkering I managed to get together a mod working that allows the game to work with the Steam Deck’s controller. So here is the guide below.

  • Step 1: Enter the Desktop Mode for the steam deck yes, this is a scary concept for first time Linux users but it is a must.
  • Step 2: Navigate to your browser of choice, if you have installed chrome thru discover, or edge, or firefox, or chromium any browser will do. Once you do, download the file from the link in the description of the video guide I will post at the end of the text guide.
  • Step 3: Open Steam in Desktop mode and right click Rune Factory 5, hover over manage and open Browse Local Files.
  • Step 4: Once inside the Rune Factory 5 folder, make a backup of the Rune Factory 5.exe and steam_api64.dll (do suggest a new name when making copies) also navigate into the Rune Factory 5_Data folder, then the Plugins Folder, then the x86_64 folder and make a back up of the steam_api64.dll there as well.
  • Step 5: Navigate back to the folder where the Rune Factory 5.exe is, and now open that zip file from the video and drag and drop all 4 items into the folder and replace the Rune Factory 5.exe and any other files it asks to.
  • Step 5.5: in steam 6 if you can’t find the 1702330 folder in comp data you may have the game installed to a MicroSD Card, in this case go to the places bar on the left side, scroll up and click on the home folder, then go to the top right where the 3 stacked lines are click it, and do show hidden files, then click the .steam folder, then steam folder, then steamapps, then comp data. Continue to follow step 6.
  • Step 6: Back out to the steamapps folder, open up the comp data folder and scroll down till you see the folder 1702330 (that is Rune Factory 5). Once inside that folder open PFX folder, then drive_c, users, steamuser, Application Data, you should see a RF5 Folder open that (If you do not see this folder skip this step, and go to and sign in and view your steam profile and copy that 17 digit SteamID and skip next portion of step 6), if there is two folders copy the numbers from the first folder or (the one that doesn’t end in 66643 or whichever folder has the steam_autocloud.vdf inside) and back out of this folder.
  • Step 7: While Still in the Application Data folder open up that Steam Emu Saves folder, then settings folder, then take that number you copied in Step 6 and open the user_steam_id.txt with your linux text editor of choice (I recommend just “text editor” from Discover Software center app store) and replace the number inside this text with the one from Step 6. Save and exit the file, and change the account_name.txt to whatever name you want I just used mine Kentun same as my steam. Now save the txt file and exit.
  • Step 8: now go back into SteamOS 3.0 Game Mode (Deck UI) navigate to rune factory 5, click the controller icon to the far right next to the settings wheel, open controller profile, press templates, and select gamepad with mouse trackpad.
  • Step 9: And wammo launch the game and make sure controller icons are showing up for you, follow the next portion of the guide if your cutscenes have visual issues and you need a new version of proton.

Video Portion of Guide:

How to Download and Enable GE-Proton 7-21 and Higher

So yup, you are at this portion of the guide cause this game like many games have cutscene issues with the official versions of proton and cutscenes are broke, so let’s just jump straight into the guide.

  • Step 1: Go into the desktop mode like usual don’t be scared.
  • Step 2: Open the Discover Software Center, and search up ProtonUp-Qt and install it.
  • Step 3: Once installed launch ProtonUp-Qt, once you launch it click add version and add Verion 7-21 up to 7-24 doesn’t matter but I do know 7-21 is the minimum the is fully working with Rune Factory 5, 7-18 and below didn’t work.
  • Step 4: Once Installed simple as that, just go back into game mode, click Rune Factory 5, click the settings cog wheel button, properties and then compatibility, check mark “Force the use of Specific steam play compatibility tool” and enable GE-Proton7-21.
  • Step 5: Back out and launch Rune Factory 5 and wammo game should be golden works flawlessly pretty much now.

Video Portion of Guide:

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  1. The game works well and with icon support on Proton Bleeding Edge. Make sure to disable the modded file and DLLs though! Thanks for the guide.

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