Rune Factory 5 – How to Fight Enemies

You can probably cheese that quite easily but I am not sure if the enemies you want to kill are considered (mini) bosses. This trick will not work if they are.

Tips to Fight Enemies

Use your axe or hammer to cut wood or mine stone. Actually anything can be used as ingredient as long as it is not something edible. Then go to any cooking station you have and chose to make something without recipe. As ingredient use any of the stones or pieces of wood you have. The recipe only costs 10 rune points so it should be easy to make a few. You will have a bunch of Failed Dishes. You have a few options from here:

  1. Toss those Failed Dishes onto an enemy and it will instantly take 20% of its life. Higher level dishes do more damage if you find any. Keep in mind that it only works on non boss enemies.
  2. Use those failed dishes as ingredients on any cooking station without selecting a recipe to reroll them. They will most likely turn again to a failed dish but every now and then you can get a Disastrous Dish. Disastrous Dishes do 75% dmg if I remember it correctly and if you are lucky to find a level 2 or higher Disastrous Dish you can use it to insta kill any non boss enemy.

Alternatively you can use wood or stone at an alchemy bench (without selecting any recipe) and it will create a potion X or whatever is called. Those potions have similar effects with the dishes. They inflict all possible debuffs and status effects on the enemies. This includes poison and sleep. Keep in mind that sleep will wear off after a while but the poison will continue ticking until the enemy dies. Also if an enemy is immune to a certain effect it will not work. So basically all you have to do is use one of those and then run around until it dies.

Generally dishes are preferable because they have instant effects but they do not stack in inventory so if you have limited space then you can not carry around many. For the potions it is the exact opposite. They are damage over time but they stack so you can carry a lot more.

Hope it helps you.

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