Rune Factory 5 – Infinite Starfall Seeds Guide

Please note: all credit goes to ウインター!

I’ll explain how to get infinite Starfall Seeds in Rune Factory 5.

Guide to Infinite Starfall Seeds

Starfall Rock Locations


First find a starfall rock. Preferably this one next to Kelve Lava Caves and save as close as you can to it. (I’ve only tested this with the one in front of Kelve caves).

Next and Last

Next, mine the starfall rock and pick up the seeds it drops. If it drops no seeds reload your save and try again.

Then go back to the save point that you used and save again. Right after, reload your save. The starfall rock will be back again. Rinse and repeat for as many seeds as you want.

End and Disclaimer

If this doesn’t work with your starfall ore then maybe it has to be the one in front of Kelve Lava Caves.

To prove that this works I got two stacks of seeds in about 10 minutes.

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  1. Doing this on the Switch with those load times was absolutely brutal and my crazy ass farmed ~100 of them.

    The seeds are for special crops that change with the season. IIRC you have to plant them the first day of the season (or use Formula to speed up the process) as they take 30 days to grow and instantly die when the season changes.

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