Rune Factory 5 – Installing RF5Fix for Ultrawide Support, Camera, Graphics Improvements and More

RF5Fix is a fanpatch (not made by me) that you can use to improve the graphics, skip the intro, and more. This is a short setup guide because I’ve found it very useful in my playthrough!

How to Install RF5Fix


RF5Fix is a BepInEx plugin for Rune Factory 5 that provides various QoL fixes, created by Lyall. I did not make it, but I didn’t hear about it, so I wanted to provide an installation guide to help promote it. If Lyall would like me to take this down I will gladly do so!


Download the latest version of RF5Fix from this page, under Assets.

Extract the files to your game directory. You can access this quickly by rightclicking the game in your Steam library and clicking Manage>Browse local files. It should look like this:

Then, run the game once. It may take a bit to load the first time. Close the game and adjust your settings by going to BepinEx\config\RF5Fix.cfg and editing it in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++. Then you’re good!

For Linux setup, a guide is included by the developer in the Github repository.

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