Rune Factory 5 – Stuttering Fix Guide (NVIDIA)

Guide to Fix Stuttering Issue


If you’re experiencing constant stuttering with the game, here’s something you can try.

  1. Go to Nvidia control pannel -> Manage 3D settings -> Programs Settings.
  2. Select Rune Factory 5.exe.
  3. Then go to feature -> power management.
  4. Set it to “prefer maximum performance”.
  5. Then Vertical Sync.
  6. Set it to either “Off” or “Adaptive”.

This fixed stuttering for me.

If that did not work, then get RTSS, and set the game to 60FPS, this would set the game frametime to constant 16.6ms (assuming that your PC can handle it) which would provide the most smooth experience.

Written by kaldeqca

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