Rust – Electricity: System Allowing Better Protection for Turrets

A quick guide for people with basic knowledge about electricity in Rust on how to create a system that will allow players to protect their turrets efficiently with the help of a little trick.

Description & Features

Instead of using prison cell walls to protect your turrets, you can place double doors – preferably armored ones.

The doors will open and close every few seconds making it possible for turrets to shoot but harder for attackers to shoot them.

Equipping the turrets with sniper rifles is probably the most efficient choice as the doors will open for a brief moment, the system fires a shot and the doors close before the enemy can really do anything about the turrets.


  • You can use armored doors instead of prison cell walls, that’s 500hp more
  • No bullets would hit the metal of a prison cell wall, clean hits
  • Custom conditions can be used to open the doors meaning you can manually shut doors to protect turrets if needed, helping the system manually
  • Multiple layers of doors can be used in this case to hold back rockets during online raids while you’re repairing another one, a cycle of protection could be applied


Here’s an overview of the clock, connect it to a bunch of branches that lead energy to the doors.

Keep the switch active to keep the clock running.

Note that if you change the wiring the one of the memory cells will occasionally have a different state than the the other one – use some other power source to set the negative one to active, then turn the switch off and on again and it should work.

The turrets should be powered 24/7 ofc.

Quick visualization of a probably sucky setup but anyway that’s how it could look like :

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