Rust – How to Grub Large Rig for Easy Fast Wipe Day Guns

How to Grub Large Oil Rig on Wipe Day

Required Items:

  • At least 20 bandages.
  • 2 eokas and a crossbow or a nail gun and a crossbow.
  • Some level of armour.
  • Water transportation.
  • Low grade fuel.


  • Make sure to have almost full water and hunger so that you don’t die while waiting.
  • For large rig in the snow make sure you have enough cold protection and don’t get wet.

Getting to Rig

Using a boat is the easiest way to get onto large oil rig.

Boats can be found commonly along the coastline or bought from any fishing village for 125 scrap.

Standard boats use 6 low grade fuel per minute.

Park the boat just before large oil rig dock.

Getting Into the Vents

First, use your crossbow to kill the scientist guarding the dock – aim for headshots.

Before boating up to the dock, wait for the scientist on the next levels up until L3 to clear the stairways, this may take a while to happen.

Boat up to the dock and remove the fuel from the boat.

While bandaging, go up the ladder and onto L1, then up 2 stair flights to L3, where you head into the vent next to these stair at L3 and close the door behind you.

Wait for the scientists to clear the area lead to by the other side of the vent you are currently inside.

Once the scientists have cleared, open the vent opposite the one you entered through and hop up the 2 barrels opposite this vent, onto the yellow bar to the left of the barrels, walk to the end of the yellow bar and jump at the vent to the left of the bar, there will be a ledge you will clip onto.

Enter the vent and close the door behind you.

Making the Play

You have just heard the scientists being killed by someone coming to take rig.

Once they have called in heavies (signalled by a beeping sound)…

Once you are back up to full health, exit the vents on the side opening out onto the underneath of the helicopter landing pad.

Exit this vent and crouch you way up the struts holding the heli pad up and onto the next level (L5).

You will see the crane next to you where most people take the heavies.

Hop onto the blue silos and then up the ladder.

Wait for the guy to reload his weapon before attacking, climb up the ladder while they are reloading/distracted and eoka them or crossbow them once then nail gun them to death.

Aim for headshots of course.

Use the guy’s gun to kill any other teammates, making sure to use tight peeks to expose as little of yourself while shooting, making it harder for people to hit you.

Complete the oil rig by taking the remaining heavies and waiting for the 15 minute crate timer to finish.

Exit oil rig with your loot, use the boat box if you don’t have enough inventory space.

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