Sailing Era – How to Beat the Secret Cape Town Boss

I’m not good at making guides so il just give you the quick rundown.

Guide to Defeat Secret Cape Town Boss


  1. Stay behind the boss

Any other place is asking to die . do not trade damage with him he will always deal more damage.

But he has traps behind him! well avoid them. No other way around them. The best way to avoid them is to control your speed using the anchor or max sail and swapping between them to achieve ideal trap avoiding distance.

  1. He is too fast

Then you are using the wrong ship you must be faster than him so he does not circle around you. Having someone at mast and using a rowing bow helps to fix speed issues.

  1. Don’t bring other ships

Your ally ai are pretty dumb. They will trade damage with him. Then they will sink it is not worth it.

  1. More guns

The less damage you deal the longer the fight. Max out your gun rooms on your ship and put someone at the guns.

  1. Immune to crew battle

Don’t try to fight it using crew. In his second phase you can fight it via crew. Dont. He will also win crew fights.

After beating the boss he will activate his second boss phase. Its the same boss except even more fog! Also his trap speed and gun speed become much much faster. Same tactics apply. But its much harder now. Good luck!

P.S. You can not recruit the ghost ship boss even if you beat it via crew with Abdul.

Written by Inspector Gadget

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