Sakura Succubus 7 – 100% Walkthrough with Achievements

Complete Walkthrough

  • Start

Early to Rise

  • Wake up next to Stephania
  • It’s fine. You can rely on me all you want.

Maid to Serve

  • Breakfast from an Astorian Maid
  • I’m not offended at all.

Cat Cafe

  • Watch Cosmos and Elizabeth serve

Booba Tea

  • Is this really a trend?
  • Ask Elizabeth if she wants you to go with her.
  • I think it tastes great!

Gotta Go Fast

  • Watch Ayu suffer on a rollercoaster
  • Any option.

Meet Cute

  • Run into a mysterious girl
  • I think you look fine.

Arm in Arm

  • Let Yue cling to you
  • Any option.

Gotta go Faster

  • Let Yue and Stephania enjoy the ride
  • It’s cute.

A rousing Performance

  • Watch Ayu perform

Cozy Cat Nap

  • Experience a wholesome moment with Ayu and Cosmos
  • I wouldn’t mind.
  • Save 1
  • Of course I do!

In a Bind

  • See Stephania tied up


  • Is this really a spell?

Sticky Succubi

  • Your hero covered in slime

None shall pass

  • Let Yue use her magic

Common Ground

  • Back to her senses

A Lady and her Maid

  • Stephania and Elizabeth reunited

Kiss Kiss Fall in Love

  • Get a kiss from your cute, goth succubus
  • Load 1
  • I’m not in the mood.

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