Salt 2 – Early Game Money Tip

How to Make Money (Early Game Tip)

TL:DR Walk around island shores and open every clam.

After about 9 hours of gameplay I found the that out of all the items this purple pearl is the most valuable (im only lvl 12 so things later on im sure are more).

With that said every island i’ve encounter has had clams on the beach.

After about a 5 minute walk in a circle i come away with average 3 pearls…

Not all the epic rarity ones but they seem to be about every 5 or so pearls (meaning 1 every 2 islands) in about half hour of farming not including travel time.

I would say you can profit anywhere between 10-20 silver and countless copper off the less rare pearls which mind you are still worth up to 60 copper each!

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