Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space – Complete Walkthrough Guide (Chapter 1)

A quick guide to completeing chapter one of Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space.

First Chapter Walkthrough

You start the game in your office menaced by a mechanical monster: the MAIMATRON 9000! Wander around the office and get used to the controls: click to move there, double click to run, and hold t to highlight interact-able objects. Once you’ve gotten used to the controls, head through the office door.

Once on the street, talk to the MAIMATRON 9000 and ask it some questions. When it pauses to think about your questions, quickly head back upstairs to your office. Looking outside the window, you should see the MAIMATRON 9000’s wind up key. Take it to defeat the metal menace.

Immediately head back outside, and enjoy the cutscene and intro title, followed by a cutscene of the Freelance Police Sam and Max arriving at the North Pole.

Once there, take a snowball from the Snowball Reclamation Station (it will melt, don’t worry when it does) and head inside Santa’s Workshop. Once inside another cutscene will play of terrified elves and a gun toting Santa. After the cutscene, look under the Christmas tree and take the Boxing Betty toy and the Simplest Maze.

Then you must talk to the elf on the right, next to the Christmas Tree. Ask him what he’s doing, then say you’ll make him cry. The option that makes him cry seems to be random, so select them one after the other until he cries. Once he has cried, take the Watering Can.

Walk back outside with the Watering Can. Head tot he left to a small starshaped bush in a potted plant. Use the Watering Can on the bush by clicking on the box icon on the lower left of the screen, then on the bush. Once the Bush has grown to massive levels, climb up the bush.

You should now find yourself inside Santa’s Office. Take the parchment on the lectern behind Sam, then the Record off the shelf to the left. Once you’ve got all that, head back outside. Then head back through the front door and move to the leftmost computer. Immediately to the right of that computer are some Gift Tags. Take them.

Head back outside, and hop in the Desoto and drive back to the office street. Once there, head as far left as you can, and talk to Timmy Two Teeth, the Rat. After a short conversation he heads inside the MAIMTRON 9000. Use the Boxing Betty doll on the MAIMTRON 9000’s open chest, and complete the minigame.

To win the Minigame, use the A and D keys to move in the opposite direction of the enemies punches (so if the enemy is punching towars the left of the screen, press the D key) and then click the mouse to punch. Continue until you have won, and have claimed the first of four Horsemen.

Then head right into Bosco’s Inconvenience Store, and talk to him about his package (giggity). Once you have said everything there is to be said about Bosco’s package (giggity) head back ouside, and walk into Stinky’s diner to the right, just across the street.

Head inside. and talk to Stinky. The only option that matters is asking how the Diner is going, then asking about her feet.

Now you’ll play Trivia questions. Sybil, Stone Lincon, and the Bug are all playing. Sybil and Lincon choose the correct answer, while the Bug always chooses D. Talk to Lincon and make him pick a wrong answer that isn’t D, then use the Trivia Pad in the booth to the immediate right of the door to play. With Sybil, Lincon, and the Bug choosing three different answers, pick the fourth remaining answer to win and claim the second Horseman as your prize.

After automatically exiting, head right to the Garage, and open it to find the C.O.P.S. from the first game. After a short conversation with the outdated machines, say you want the Horseman, then play the Minigame. Simply drive left and right with the A and D keys and run over 30 dolls. Then head back to the Desoto, take the Horseman, and then drive back to the North Pole.

Once at the North Pole, head into the workshop through the front doors, and interact with the clunky computer to the left of the Gift Dispenser. Pick the Watch, and gift it to Bosco. Then use the computer again, picking the Footbath, and gift the present to Stinky. Then head back outside to the Desoto, and drive back to the Office Street.

Head into Bosco’s Inconvenience Store and wait for the cutscene to end. Then head into Stinky’s Diner and take the sock, you’ll need it later. Now that you have all four Horsemen, head back to Santa’s Workshop.

Inside the Workshop, use all four horsemen on the North Pole to the far left of the Workshop. Now you have to do a little investigation to learn about the Demon you need to banish, and IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, THE CORRECT OPTIONS WILL NOT APPEAR LATER. Look at the crate to realise it’s made of black goo, and it comes from Lower Manitoba. Look at the red computer to learn it’s a Shambling Corporate Presence and that it plays Mimesweeper.

Now use the Record with the Record Player, and select the options in order “Like Gelatinous Goo” “In Lower Manitoba” “Like Mimesweeper” and “Hey Shambling Corporate Presence”. After a short cutscene, enter Santa’s Office.

Inside Santa’s Office open the safe and talk to the spirits inside the Spirit Bottle. Then interact with the Stocking Stuffer just to the right. After you have done all interactions with the Stocking Stuffer, use Stinky’s sock on the Stocking Stuffer.

Now head back outside to see giant Christmas Portals. Head to the far left and jump on through the Portal to The Future. After a short cutscene, head back out, and use Stinky’s Coal Stuffed Sock on the boiler on the back of Santa’s Sleigh. After yet another cutscene, head to the Portal to The Present.

Before you jump through, grab a snowball from the Yellow Snow Reclamation Station. Then, once through the portal, use the snowball on Bug. That’s it, now it’s time for the Portal of The Past. Once inside the Portal of The Past, use the Simple Maze on the Mouse Hole. Then, head to the Desoto and head back to the Office Street.

Once there, use Mary Two Teeth on Jimmy Two Teeth, and after a short cutscene use the Desoto to head back to the North Pole. There, jump inside the Portal to The Past and use the Boxing Glove on Jimmy Two Teeth.

Once back in the present, use the Spirit Bottle on the Demon. A long cutscene will play, and now you are fighting Santa.

Durst, use the Computer to drop a Present, then shoot the Switch next to the Workshop entrance to make the toy bomber stop right above the Trampoline. Then, shoot the small toy cannon. Then shoot the switch again to make the bomber move, then shoot the switch a second time to make the toy bomber stop above the Fish Statue to defeat Santa and have him sent straight to Satan!

Enjoy the ending cutscene, because you just finished the first chapter.

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