Sands of Aura – Melgom’s Sigil Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Kreldin Foxclaw!

A short guide on Melgom’s Sigil, and what to do with it, for those confused about the quest.

Guide to Melgom’s Sigil


Melgom’s Sigil is a quest item awarded on defeat of Ubaani, boss of Tupi’s Grotto.

The quest tells you to inspect the item to find out where to go next. The game intends for you to look at the item in your inventory, and read it’s description.

It’s description is: ‘A sigil to the forsaken God, Melgom. You hold in your hand a Sigil of a Forsaken God. Created only by master carvers, these sigils are believed to open the gateways to the resting place of the Forsaken Gods.

By decree of the church, all artifacts bearing the likeness of a Forsaken God are to be taken to the Church of Leisis so that it may be destroyed.

This particular sigil is made in the likeness of Melgom, the Forsaken God whose temple is below Starspire.’


While somewhat vague, the item’s description is intended to lead the player to take the item to the burned Church of Leisis in Starspire.

For a detailed description of what to do with the item, see below:

  • Once inside the church, head through and down into the crypt. Battle your way past the enemies, and defeat Ulgar, The Unrested.
  • Find the ladder to the upper level, to the left of the stairs down to Ulgar, and follow the walkway around to a lever.
  • Pull first that lever, then the one next to Ulgar, this will raise a cage you can climb into to ride down to The Nexus.
  • Behind you will be a doorway you can use to exit out to Starspire. Once you have done so, you can come back in that door anytime, even though it remains boarded up.
  • Head down the long staircase to the platform at the bottom, and interact with the pillar, then the ‘portal’.
  • At this point, you should see credits roll. You have reached the end of the current story content, though ther are several other islands to explore across Talamhel if you havent already. There is also a Pommel Master Cast to be found in this room.
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