Satisfactory – Guide to Automate Making Basic Iron and Copper Items

Automate Making Basic Iron and Copper Items. I.E. Iron Rods, Iron Plates, Screws, Wire, Cable, Copper Sheets.

How to Automate Making Basic Iron and Copper Items

Iron Items

120 Iron per minute from miners

  • Split them to left and right.
  • Split left and right again.
  • Feed all 4 conveyor belts into furnaces.
  • Each furnace goes to a constructor.
  • 3 constructors make plates, the remaining one makes rods.
  • Split the Rods 3 ways. Once to a storage container, and the other two go to be merged together (We do this so that we have 5 Iron Rods Per Minute going to storage, and the remaining 10 Per Minute go to be turned into screws).
  • The merged Iron Rods are fed into a constructor and turned into screws.

Copper Items

120 Copper per minute form miners

  • Just like iron, split, then each of those splits are split again.
  • All four conveyor belts into smelters making copper bars.
  • The right two smelters are merged and then split into three (to get 20 copper bars per minute on each belt.
  • Those three conveyor belts are fed into a constructor to make copper sheets.
  • The smelters on the left each get split into constructors, all four make wire.
  • The two constructors on the left are fed into more constructors that make cable.

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