1. The first one feels like it has an absolutely hateful parity issue: if I set up the center light to work, the left and right dials can’t be adjusted by themselves into position: they are always one position off.
    Conversely, if I get those two puzzles so they’re evens with each other, the center dial is always one position off.
    I can’t figure out what on earth the method for iterating just single turns is, or figure out how to equate each of the three dials.

  2. I just dropped the game because of this puzzle because I really hate these and sliding bloc puzzles the most

    I may try with this guide at some point when I’m less annoyed at the game or forget I even have it in my library

  3. Thanks for the solutions, but there is a typo in the first image as the listed solution does not work, I think it is the 3X2 and 3X4 right next to each other
    The second solution works fine however

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