Scrap Mechanic – Challenge Mode: How to Enable / Disable Health, Tools, and Stuff

Ever since 0.6.0, The commands like /enable_lift 0 for example doesn’t do anything. Since 0.6.1, Lots of those Commands has been removed due to them not working currently. I’m hoping this would be temporary offline. Unfortunately, we can’t remotely toggle anything for Health, tools, and stuff in game, which means it needs some modding.

By Modding the Challenge Settings

Warning: This section contains file editing. It’s only for a .json file, the easiest for coding. However, If you don’t want to alter the code, then either don’t do it or learn how .json files works.

Target Base File:

<user>/AppData/Roaming/Axolot Games/Scrap Mechanic/User/<UserID>/Challenges/<ChallengeID>/challengeLevel.json

If you want to find your <ChallengeID> you’re looking for, it’s best to do Date Modified for it.


If you can find the “settings” in quotes in the code, it’s best to only alter it.

This is the code of “settings” you can usually see from a new level:

"settings" : null,

And this is the code of “settings” you could change it to:

"settings" :
     "enable_connecttool" : false,
     "enable_handbook" : false,
     "enable_health" : true,
     "enable_lift" : false,
     "enable_painttool" : false,
     "enable_weldtool" : false

This screenshot is the result:

You would start with nothing but a health bar as that’s the example. You can actually make a survival game in Challenge mode as those robots were recently added in that mode.

List of Things for the “Settings” in File

To be honest: I don’t remember everything, so I’ll try my best to get everything.


  • enable_health – Enables the just Health limitation


  • enable_client_toilet – Start with a Toilet in multiplayer.
  • enable_connecttool – Start with a Connect Tool.
  • enable_handbook – Start with a Handbook, although it’s obsolete to have it.
  • enable_lift – Start with a Lift.
  • enable_painttool – Start with a Paint Tool.
  • enable_sledgehammer – Start with a Sledge Hammer.
  • enable_spudgun – Start with a Spud Gun
  • enable_weldtool – Start with a Weld Tool.


  • enable_ammo_consumption – Enables the Ammo Limitation (Spud Guns)
  • enable_fuel_consumption – Enables the Fuel Limitation (Engines, Thrusters)

This would be useful if you want the full list of stuff for the “settings” in the file.

Let’s Have Patience

I’m hoping that this removal of those remote features are temporary. I know we, the Challenge Mode makers, are mad at those commands are removed, but I do know that they’re being removed for a reason, to change the feature’s functions for a later update.

If this goes fixed, then there’s no need for this guide. We all love the experience of making wacky games such as parkour, escape rooms, or anything we’d like to build, but we will have to mod the settings for now. I’m sorry, it’s the only way to change the settings for your challenge level.


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