ScrewUp – Starter Tips

Tips and Tricks

  • Tab for inventory and crafting menu.
  • E for most things, F to kick.
  • Split stacks use Mouse 1 and mouse 3 then drag and drop.
  • Quickbar slots are 1, 2, 3 and 4 to select and left mouse button to use.

You can find rocks everywhere – grab a couple to craft a sharp stone and cut down some coconut trees and collect coconuts to give you food and drink, and collect up the wood and sticks. Bushes, ferns and big bushes give fibre (and sometimes mushrooms) – now you can make rope. You will also now have the ingredients for an axe and pickaxe. You can use the axe as a weapon too). Hardwood are the big trees, softwood from the palms. Keep the palm leaves too.

You can kick with F key – you can kick a chicken once to stun and the next time or two it will kill it (no weapons needed) – they give feathers and meat. Craft a campfire and cook the meat. Pools have a little hand, put your cursor over the hand and hold E to drink the water. Craft a workbench and you are on your way. The workbench will give you other things to craft including a forge for copper and iron ingots but keep some raw metal aside for crafting also.

To build you will need to make a building plan (workbench). Put it in a quickslot, select the slot then press right mouse button for the radial menu. If you need to undo something your basic crafting menu has a mallet (but you will only get about 50% of building materials back although you will pick up crafted furniture into inventory). Don’t forget to craft a bed and click on it (E) to set your spawn point. You should craft a forge, cauldron, and some storage chests as you need them. A bit later you will craft a research table and grindstone. As you craft the various workbench items, please read through the list of what you can make and what ingredients you will need.

Between the pools, chickens and coconuts you have plenty to eat and drink. Keep any mushrooms, feathers, bottles and skins for crafting. Coconuts are also a crafting item.

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