Sea of Thieves – How to Protect Your Sloop Solo

A brief guide explaining how to protect your sloop from boarders while solo.

Guide to Protect Your Sloop Solo

Detecting Boarders

There is a very distinct sound when someone climbs up your ladder, simply turn down your music volume and listen out for it.

Ladder Guarding

To prevent people from climbing up your ladders, you should do one of three things. 1. (the easiest) Prepare you blunderbuss, and shoot just before they hop up onto your deck. This prevents them from being able to sword hop out of they way. 2. (relatively easy) stand on the railing that prevents you from falling off of your ship and use your eye of reach to shoot the enemy off the ladder. 3. (somewhat difficult) Stand between the opposite ladder to the one the boarder is climbing and your steering wheel, sword dash at just the right time and you can hit them just before they climb up, sending they flying. If you mess the timing up, grab the wheel before the dash ends, this allows you to cancel the dash and not be stunned.

Tuckers: General

If you suspect that there is a tucker on your ship and are unsure of their whereabouts, swing your cutlass around everywhere you can and check both ladders. If you do know where they are, approach them unsuspectingly and then pull out your blunderbuss and one shot them, if they are not one shot, follow up with another gun if you are confident or a sword if you are not.

Tuckers: Crow’s Nest

When solo slooping, tuckers in your crows nest can be particularly problematic, as if you climb up to check if they are there, they have plenty of time to attack while you are vulnerable. Luckily, blunder bombs have you covered! You can throw a blunder bomb at the crows nest, which will knock the ticker out of their emote, allowing you to see their name tag and thus track them. Most often they will jump down, but if they do not, continue to throw blunder bombs for 15% splash or 50% direct hit damage. You can also attempt to hit them with your pistol or eye of reach.

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