Sea of Thieves – Optimal Quickswap/Doublegun Guide

Guide to Optimal Quickswap/Doublegun

Learn the Combo/Timing

  • Attack -> Swap -> Sprint -> Ads -> Attack

Practice the basic movements without attacking, just swap between weapons and ads/block until you get it down, then try attacking with both. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t feel smooth or clean yet, just get the simple combo down.

Optimize Your Sprint

  • Attack -> Swap -> Sprint for 1 Second or more -> Ads -> Attack

You need to keep one second in between attacking with each weapon regardless of how quick your swap is, meaning the safest way to get the quickest kill time you should be sprinting for about a second before scoping in with your second weapon (you can use a sword to finish an enemy off but is riskier due to the range commitment).

The best way to get this timing down is to listen to a 60 bpm metronome and timing your shots to the beats. You can also use a 120 bpm metronome and shoot on alternating beats. I used to find a 120 bpm song in my playlist and ran around shooting my guns for 5 minutes or so and got it down.

Final Tips

When sprinting, use W + A or W + D with proper strafing to move more elusively without canceling your sprint (You can make 180 turns without losing your sprint if strafing correctly). This is a good general movement tip as well.

The tip of spamming ads twice to quickscope faster doesn’t apply here, as the delay gained from that tip serves the same purpose as a second long sprint, so it delays your shot even more (plus double taps look cleaner).

Learning the damage combos of all weapons is important for using any loadout. For instance, 1 sniper shot and 3 blunder pellets, 2 sword slashes and 1 sniper/flintlock shot, etc.

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