Sea of Thieves – Secret Dark World

In this guide, I will show you how to get into the buggy black world in SOT.

How to Make This Bug

We go into the legendary tavern and look for this corner in the water near the stairs (Yes, it is only for legendary pirates).

We stick into it and press the W (forward) and D (right) buttons. We have to start shaking and go down through the texture.

If everything works out we get here:

We swim outside the texture of the tavern. We get to the edge of the map, which looks like this:

If we swim beyond the visible limit, then we will be teleported under the tavern of sea wolves.

We swim out and see it:

Application of This Bug

  • This can serve as an easy way to the tavern of sea wolves or, say, nearby islands such as the fort of the damned.
  • In the state of this bug, various weather conditions and water turbidity are absent, which makes it possible to better notice the desired objects both on land and in water.
  • I noticed that if in this state you go to the legendary tavern at any outpost and exit back then you will appear at the outpost where you made this bug.
  • When was the last time you swam through textures in SOT? XD

The Space Behind the Waterfall

Additionally, if you swim a little in the texture of the tavern, you can swim to the place behind the waterfall (suitable if you want to be alone).

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