Sea of Thieves – The Fort of The Damned Guide

Information About the Fort Itself

Fort of the Damned is a Fortress Raid located in The Ancient Isles (L-14). Unlike other World Events, the Fort of the Damned Raid must be activated by players, and it can be active at the same time as other rotating World Events.

As a reward for hard work, you are rewarded greatly with two reapers chest items, 4 Stronghold Skulls, 1 Chest of Legends, a treasure chest with gems filled with any variant, 4 gems of any variant, 2 Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels and 2 Crates of Ancient bone dust.

There are also various commendations for different things within the fort. Some of which have rewards such as doubloons and a mighty looking title to terrify other non-expecting pirates!

An active Fort of the Damned is indicated by a massive red-eyed Skull Cloud appearing in the sky above the Fort.

To start this fort you will need 7 things:

  • You will need a ritual skull
  • You will also need the 6 Flames of Fate

The Ritual Skull is an unique type of Bilge Rats Treasure in Sea of Thieves. These Skulls are necessary for performing rituals, such as the one to start the Fort of the Damned Island Raid Event.

Ritual Skulls can be found from the following sources:

  • 1 Guaranteed from Skull Stash Voyage, bought from Larinna for 40 Doubloons.
  • 1 Guaranteed after defeating the Captain’s Ship of a Skeleton Fleet
  • 1 Guaranteed from a defeated Ashen Lord
  • Chance to find on Skeleton Ships
  • Chance to find inside Collector’s Chest rewarded for solving an Emergent Skeleton Captain’s Skeleton’s Orders Riddle Map
  • Chance to find inside an opened Ashen Chest

Lighting the Statues

All six Flames of Fate must be collected from the Ferry of the Damned and used on a corresponding Ferryman statue found within the Fort.

(Ordered clockwise from ritual cage)

  • The Flame of Treacherous Weather (White) – Death by Lightning or by a stun from the Eel-ectric Ocean Crawler.
  • The Flame of Embattled Souls (Pink) – Death by Player Pirates from other Crews.
  • The Flame of Lost Seafarers (Blue) – Death by a Shark, Megalodon or Siren.
  • The Flame of Cursed Bones (Green) – Death by a Skeleton, Ocean Crawler or Phantom.
  • The Flame of Burning Hearts (Red) – Death by Fire from any source, or by falling volcanic rocks or dying from flowing lava on Islands.
  • The Flame of the Viper (Purple) – Death by Poison. This includes dying to a Snake bite, a Venomball, the Kraken’s poisonous ink or from the Hermit Ocean Crawler’s poison cloud.
  • The Ferryman Statues each have a motif representative of their deaths to mark what coloured Flames go where. To light a statue’s lantern, raise your Lantern with Secondary Use and then Interact/Disengage. Once all the Statues have been lit, you are free to copy any of the flames from a lit lantern by raising your Lantern again and instead Secondary Interact the lantern.

Placing the Ritual Skull

After lighting all the statues, the cage with a headless Skeleton will open. Here, the Ritual requires a Ritual Skull to be placed onto the Skeleton’s neck for commencement.

The Raid

The Fortress Vault will seal and generate Treasure inside. Reaper’s Chests can be part of the Vault loot, which will also become visible on the Map Table.

The raid will spawn several waves of Shadow of Fate Skeletons and is finished with a boss fight with the Ghost of Graymarrow.

Shadows of Fate are uniquely coloured Shadow Skeletons that correspond to one Flame of Fate that is required to render them corporeal (Raising not required). To make it apparent for players to discern which coloured Skeletons spawn during a wave, ghostly hands will appear under the appropriate Ferryman Statues. These Skeletons can spawn unarmed, with a Cutlass, Pistol, Blunderbuss, Gunpowder Barrel or a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel. A Shadow of Fate Skeleton has been recorded to endure about 8 Cutlass hits and one point-blank Blunderbuss shot.

There are a total of 12 waves of Shadow of Fate Skeletons in a Fort of the Damned Raid. Each wave will spawn around 8-10 Skeletons. The first four waves will only spawn a single colour of Shadow of Fate Skeletons, with a chance for up to 4 coloured Gunpowder Skeletons appearing during the last two waves. The next four waves will spawn two colours of Shadows of Fate with a chance for Gunpowder Skeletons at wave 7 and 8. The final 4 waves will spawn a mix of 3 different Shadows of Fate with a chance to spawn up to 5 Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel Skeletons at the final skeleton wave.

Once the waves are cleared, the boss fight will commence.

The Ghost of Graymarrow will spawn as a Skeleton Lord fight. This Ghost is more powerful than Graymarrow, having significantly more health than in his corporeal form and has the same move set, however he notably has no teleportation ability and summons Shadows of Fate reinforcements instead of normal skeletons.

Ghost of Graymarrow always has the same amount of health, no matter the number of players attempting the Fort.


Gunpowder Barrels can be used for extra damage to the boss. There are around 10 regular barrels on the Island, with the Shadow of Fate skeleton waves spawning more of them. For repeated Fort activations during a single session, you can reserve the Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels from the Vault from the first raid towards killing Graymarrow on the second raid. Gunpowder damage may cap out against Graymarrow, as it’s been tested that that either 8 Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels or 40 Gunpowder Barrels at once are enough to kill the Ghost of Graymarrow compared to other methods of damage.

The suggested method to quickly lower the health of the Ghost of Graymarrow is to lure him to the bottom pier of the Fort and shoot him with Cannonballs from your Ship’s Cannons. It still takes a considerable amount of Cannonballs (around 100) to kill the boss, but it is faster and safer than using regular weaponry.

Firebombs can also be used against Graymarrow, but they don’t do too much damage. Setting the boss on fire is effective in making his location more noticeable for your crewmates. Especially good for those Cannoning, as the fire is easy to see through the Cannon smoke.

Green Cursed Cannonballs can affect both Greymarrow and Shadows of Fate, hindering their movement and weapon use.

Once the Ghost of Graymarrow is defeated, the Fort Raid will be complete, the Skull Cloud will disappear and a Fort of the Damned Key will be dropped by the boss. The location of the Fort of the Damned Key can be tracked on a Map Table.

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