Sea of Thieves – What to Do Before Your Ship Gets Sunk

If you know your ship is about to sink here are a few things to do before you sink (This will include tactical and fun strategies).

Before You Sink

Tactical things to do

1: Evacuation

If you are near an island when your ship is getting sunk, you can cannon yourself to the island to gather resources in your inventory

2: Keg!

If you had a keg on board and it hasn’t exploded yet, try sneaking on to their unaware ship and blowing it to smithereens!

3: Do not mermaid

If you have already sunk, do not mermaid. Instead, try boarding your killer and hijacking their ship! Ram them into a rock or anything that would cause significant damage, like a keg in the water.

Fun things to do

This part of the guide is only for people who don’t take it seriously.

1: Sand Angel

When the water gets high enough, you can do a sand angel under the water! You wont drown and it looks like you are moving around in the water.

2: Pull a Titanic

If you know your ship is done for, ram the side of your ship into the nearest rock and when it sinks, try and stay up to the highest point of the (still over water part of the) ship.

3: Play a sad song

As you watch your loving ship crumble to pieces, pull out your favorite instrument and start playing one of the sad songs in the game. You know you want to save your ship, but its too late. What would you even do now? There is no hope and a tear falls down your face. Oh wait never mind that’s just the water eating your ship like a big mac.

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