Selene: Apoptosis – How to Unlock γνώσις (Gnosis) Achievement

Guide how to get “γνώσις” (gnosis).

How to Get Gnosis Achievement

I got all achievments except “γνώσις”.

Don’t know if game is buggy or what, but to get it you should do this steps:

  1. Disable 18+ DLC.
  2. Open the game (without clearing previous saves).
  3. Complete random route.
  4. Check “notebook” and got achievement.

That’s all.

If you need “γνώσις” disable all DLC or something like that.


  1. save location:
    \Steam\steamapps\common\Selene ~Apoptosis~\game\saves

  2. 1) deleted safes in 2 places and disabled DLC 18+; 2) without CTRL got to the 2nd ending and got the 1st text message; 3) several times with CTRL scrolled to the same ending until the text will not appear after passing to the 2nd ending; 4) with CTRL scrolled all the endings, getting everything you can out of TV and text; 5) included DLC 18+ and selecting dialogues with erotic scenes with CTRL got to one of the endings (after the 2-nd ending you can boot and choose another option to move forward in the story).
    That’s how I managed to get this achievement

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