Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – The Combustion Tamer Achievement Guide

I haven’t found any reliable way to get this tricky achievement, and what I did find doesn’t work anymore, so here goes!

How to Obtain Combustion Tamer Achievement Easy

All credit goes to Styropian Sepuszkin!


Combustion Tamer

  • Kill 30 enemies while riding one Draconian Burner.

What to Do

I just got this achievement by actually killing 30 enemies with the burner’s lasers. Here’s what I did:

  1. Create a private co-op lobby on Tourist difficulty with infinite ammo. Start the Roadside Picnic map.
  2. Keep the default S.A.M. skills and get to the tank. Kill all the enemies on your way there.
  3. Enter the tank, keep going forward, kill all the kamikaze, those big towers and big enemies like khnums, arachnoids, reptiloids, bio-mechanoids (the important thing is to get rid of anything that can deal a lot of damage from afar to you or run up to you and explode). You can spare smaller, weaker enemies, like space mummies, gnaars, processed, octanian troopers.
  4. Carry on with this until you encounter the last wave of enemies, the one that has draconian burners. Make sure to kill the other big enemies that spawn with them. Also, you’re just gonna use one draconian burner, so kill the other 2.
  5. Once you’re done with the big enemies. Stay in the tank and unlearn the medium and big weapon-dual wielding skill and learn the medium enemy melee kill and enemy riding skills.
  6. Wait for the remaining living draconian burner to fly up, then get out of the tank and use the time warp. (So that he lands when the time warp starts working, this way if you’re a bit far away you can have more time to run up to him, but try to keep close).
  7. Mount the draconian burner and shoot at small, weak enemies. Thanks to the Tourist difficulty it’s easier for you to kill them and harder for them to harm your mount.
  8. When you’ve killed 30 enemies, the achievement pops!
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