Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – Tips to Obtain Breaking News Achievement

I had problems finding these items on the first tour, so I suppose it could be useful for others.

Breaking News Achievement Hints

Location of Items

In order to get “Breaking News” achievement, you have to find 5 items:

  • 2 are in level 3.
  • 3 are in level 5.

The List

  • 1st one can be found near the case where you use three keycards obtained from pipe puzzles.
  • 2nd one can be found in the house after 2 octanian towers section.
  • 3rd one can be found after exiting railway station.
  • 4th one can be found in kiosk which is slightly later, after entering location with the park section.
  • 5th one can be found after big fight, when entering the city, on the bench.

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