Serum – Tips and Tricks: Before You Started

Getting Started in the Game

First off, don’t stress about the short timer in your base. You can make it last way longer by using the right serum. Here are some general tips to help you get started:

  • Take it slow and steady. No need to rush.
  • Pay attention to the dialogue, especially early on. It’ll give you important info about your status and what’s going on.
  • Stock up on resources.
  • Read all the notes you find.
  • Check out the bestiary to learn enemy weaknesses.
  • Use blocking and watch for the enemy’s “attack mark” to get the timing right.
  • If you die, your stuff stays with your body. Go back to where you died to get it.
  • Fight, die, repeat. Learn from your mistakes and try to time your attacks just right.
  • Hide behind things during fights.
  • Keep an eye on your human status and cleanse often.
  • Mix and match up to three serums to prep for tough enemies. Choose combos that make you strong against their weaknesses.
  • If you use too much serum, you gotta cleanse before using more.

Don’t recycle all your materials. Store important parts in the container at your base. You’ll need raw materials for tools and certain parts for base upgrades.

You can carry up to 6 serum vials at the start, which gives you about 15 minutes of time. Plus, there’s a big safe zone around your base where the timer doesn’t count down. Plenty of space to gather plants and hunt rabbits. And the plants grow back fast.

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