Shadowgate – How to Do the Halloween Content (Master Mode)

A quick guide on how to do the Halloween content and get the Pumpkin Hunter achievements.

Guide to Do the Halloween Content (Master Mode)

The Guide

This walkthrough is written with Master mode in mind, and with the assumption that you already know how to beat the game. Each step is listed in order of the earliest they can be done.

  • Pick up five skulls. Easiest place to do this is the grotto.
  • Pick up the cloak in the passage (required for beating the game).
  • Pick up the broom in the mirror room.
  • Burn the tarp in the storeroom and pick up the pumpkin underneath (you can reach this from the mirror room or the north tower).
  • Open the bucket in the Well for a pumpkin.
  • Open the leftmost armor in the grand hallway for one half of a mask.
  • Open the left grate in the laboratory for a pumpkin.
  • Pick up the candle in the laboratory.
  • Pick up the two candles in the library.
  • Open the desk in the strong room for a knife (required for beating the game).
  • Pick up the witch’s hat in the music room.
  • Open the desk in Lakmir’s inner sanctum for the second half of the mask. Combine them both.
  • With the hat, mask, and cloak equipped, speak to the door on the third landing of the north tower (the one above the store room you found a pumpkin in).
  • Go through the door.
  • Go through the mirror.
  • Use the knife on the pumpkins to turn them into Jack-O-Lanterns.
  • Use a candle on each pumpkin to put them inside.
  • Use the five skulls on the five outer circles.
  • Use the three pumpkins on the three inner circles.
  • Use the torch on the three pumpkins.

Congratulations. You’ve done the Halloween content. 

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