Shadows of Doubt – How to Solve Most Murders (According to Statistics)

Statistics say murders usually are perpetrated by someone the victim knows, so using this, a great deal of crimes can be “brute forced” once a comprehensive list of the victim’s attachments can be built.

Guide to Solve Most Murders

Step 1

Find evidence of perp (fingerprint works best).

I like to check door handles on the way out for fingerprints, as well as going through their files and computer. This usually turns up something relevant but sometimes important prints are hidden well like in a crumpled up note in a dark corner.

Step 2

Find victim’s employer and house.

Usually a murder happens at one of these two locations, but once you have their name the house can be found easily through the city directory and then their employer can be found from the file box.

Step 3

Pin every coworker from the employee file cabinet and pin every name in the address book at their house.

You’re going to want to zoom out the case board for this one and personally I like organizing the suspects by area so I can search for evidence more efficiently.

Step 4

Go around banging on suspect’s doors one by one until you find matching evidence to the perp.

If you have fingerprint evidence just scan people’s doors. There should be two fingerprints on their door if they have a partner, one if they live alone. Save scumming can be used at one’s discretion here to speed things up.

Step 5

Cross off suspects until you’re left with one.

If you’ve compared and collected evidence right then that person is the murderer and if you want to be safe because you’re not confident in your deductive reasoning skills just save before submitting the case.

In Summary: Where to find clues when the body is outside

At least you have the body as a clue. Examine the body, fingers prints, search.

  • Pin is photo.
  • Pin is fingers prints.
  • If you are lucky you can find is wallet on him.

You can ask people around if they know this person (photo).

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  1. I scoured a victims entire apartment and only found their prints and their room mate’s prints around the apartment. Both a gun right next to the body and a business card with a suspicious message on it only had the victim’s prints on them. Currently looking through their employer but all typical evidence on the scene points to suicide o_o

  2. I found fingerprints on a murder weapon, and went to a persons work to look for clues because I had no other leads other than an ex roommate. Then employee files found at the office connected someones fingerprints to the murder weapon? Kind of a let down, I don’t feel like I accomplished anything.

  3. I solved a case by going to the work place of the victim, looking up each person from the photoboard in the break room and then going into the main office to print out each of their profiles. Eventually on the last one I found somebody who’s fingerprints matched the murder weapon, this was all I needed to crack the case.

  4. also remember to scan anything left behind by the perp, so when you go through the victims contacts it’ll make finding them easier. sounds obvious, but I completely forgot to do this for a calling card left at both murders and spent several hours wandering around clueless

  5. re-visit the crime scene(s)! before enforcers clean things up you won’t know what evidence you’ve left sitting unconnected. and if the murderer strikes again, aim to connect the dots between the victims. your killer will end up under your nose because your gut is the best tool ;^)

  6. never, ever solved a case
    no matter how hard i tried,
    if this works i will be back 🙂

    • i t w o r k s
      if you are struggling, do this
      i got the suspect straight away

  7. If you get a fingerprint at the crime scene you can go to the victims place of work and look up every employee on the admin computer and get their fingerprints that way.

    • that is an awesome tip, it would speed things up a lot! I rarely used the employee database cuz you had to look up names by at least two letters. But now I will be trying this thanks!

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