Shadows Over Loathing – All Radio Locations (Rufus’s Side Quest)

Radio locations for Rufus’s side quest.

Rufus’s Side Quest Tips for Radio Locations

Ocean City

  • The Antique Store
  • Ms. Brewster’s

The Hobo Camp, in the Cryptography Car

Crystaldream Lake

  • The Foreman’s Office at Gumbuckle Mine
  • The Pet Store
  • The Junkyard

S.I.T. Campus

  • The Steam Tunnels, right outside Rufus’s lab
  • Down the manhole next to the ladder to the Steam Tunnels; in the fishman bath area
  • The Zeta Omega Omicron House
  • Hilbert House, somewhere*

The Big Moist

  • The Dauphin House
  • The Gatorman Village, where they’re sleeping
  • The Bunkhouse at Haim Quarry

Gray County

  • The Feed Store
  • Gilmore House

End Stuff

You only need 11 radios for the quest. There are more than 11 radios, but at this point I just like listing them.

*Radios can show up in random rooms.

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