Shadows Over Loathing – Delphine Farmhouse/Predestined Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Buffy!

Guide to completing Delphine Farmhouse during the “Predestined” quest line.

Guide to Delphine Farmhouse/Predestined Achievement


These are the proper steps to take in order to complete the time loop inside Delphine Farmhouse, talking to any of the you’s inside will add an additional step that you have to do so either remember to fill in that spot during your loop or reset and don’t talk to them.

  1. Take the candlestick above the fireplace in the main room.
  2. Head into the right-most room and raid the medicine cabinet for supplies.
  3. Head back to the main room and take the hatchet from the wood pile.
  4. Head to the left-most room and toss the candlestick out of the right window. Doing so will open up the attic.
  5. Heading up to the attic rummage through the boxes and when prompted jump down inside the hole in the floor.
  6. Unlock the door and head out into the main room.
  7. In the main room take the plant food from underneath the cabinet on the right side of the room.
  8. Head over to the left side of the room and smash the urn.
  9. Back in the right-most room and flush the toilet.
  10. In the left-most room feed the plant the plant food.
  11. Head into the center room and unlock the box granting you the mobius ring.
  12. Head back outside to complete the house and get the “Predestined” achievement.
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  1. I did this once before, but now I can’t even get up to the ring because I need to find a Charles Wallace to complete one of the past self interactions at the lake.

  2. 13. After finishing the house, you have to go back to Crystalake Valley and give the mobius ring to yourself. via a wandering encounter to finish it

  3. Wander Lake until you get the ring. Wear the ring, wander Lake until you get the event that tells you about Delphine. Go to Gray, wander until you unlock the Farmhouse.

  4. Okay to unlock the farm, you gotta move around Crystallake valley until you meet your past self and try to give the ring to him, but when you can’t take it off, go to gray county, move around until you find Chester and he shows you where Delphine Farmhous is.

  5. It took me a bit to find the Farmhouse, but basically just put the ring on, use it, and wander through the lake until an event triggers

  6. Should mention that the Delphine Farmhouse location is unlocked by wandering in Gray County after you gain the Mobius ring from a wander event in Crystaldream lake

  7. you are my hero.

    It worked!!

    So at the new location chester gives you… i see nothing. left, came back.. still nothing…

    anyone figure this out>?

  8. Please add in the four other versions of you
    A. The one next to the firewood, you dont need to do anything with, ever
    B. The one sitting at the table in the main room, you must become between steps 6 and 7
    C: The one sitting on the desk in the bedroom, you must become between steps 8 and 9
    D: The one sitting on the chair in the last room, you must become between steps 10 and 11

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