Shadows Over Loathing – How to Get The Just Showing Off Achievement as a Jazz Agent

Having trouble with defeating a giant alien machine gator robot thing, and just so happen to be a Jazz Agent. Well I have just the recipe of violence for you.

Part 1 – Preparing for The Violence

To start, we’re going to need a few things to make this battle possible, specifically we’ll need five things.

  • A weapon that uses moxie, this shouldn’t need much explaining.
  • Jazz Hands, This will allow you to spend AP to boost your Moxie. This is obtainable in chapter 1, so grab it as soon as you can and upgrade it.
  • Item Usage Increases, There’s two available before you can start the fight. The first one is an accessory obtainable from completing the Monster Shack quest line. The other is a perk obtainable by repairing the strange machine on the floor right above the fight, for 6 Mysticality.
  • AP Restorative, You will want a pretty large amount of these so you can do more in the fight before attacking. Stock up on several before you go in.
  • Bottles of Bloodshine, These are the most important items in this strategy. These double your moxie on use, including moxie gained during that battle. These are dropped from Vampire Bloodleggers so beat them up a bunch and get a decent amount, I recommend at least 7.

There are few more things which can help but are not required to win

  • Pieces of Scrap metal – These items allow you to block one incoming attack, allowing you to protect yourself if the fight takes longer then you can handle.
  • Max AP boosting effects – I would recommend going in with two max AP, but more could never hurt. Make sure you balance it out with AP regen as well
  • Moxie boosting effects – You’ll be increasing your moxie throughout the fight, so starting with more never hurts, but will only reduce the amount of buffing you have to do by a small amount.
  • The Pocketwatch – This off hand allows you to reduce the boss’s stats, delaying the power growth by a small amount
  • Silver Crystal ball- This offhand allows you to heal yourself by double your mysticality, letting you stay in the fight for a little longer
  • A Stab in the Dark – Another obtainable ability which deals percentage based damage. It can only be done once per enemy but can take a massive chunk of health off the boss. You can find it in the kitchen of the Gator Fortress.

Part 2 – The Violence

The basic strategy we’ll be using is to boost our moxie to be higher then the boss’s Health, before one shotting it.

This is best done by first boosting your Moxie to a respectable amount with Jazz hands (about 30-40) Then doubling it with bloodshine until you surpass it’s health with your damage. This may take a few turns to accomplish, so you should focus a little bit of your resources towards not dying, but most of your resources should go towards buffing yourself.

A few things to note:

  • Damaging the boss increases its stats slightly, so you should avoid bringing in a familiar that deals constant damage, one that provides support would be safer.
  • You will not have your follower, so don’t worry about who you bring along.
  • The numbers will get large pretty fast, so gear choices should be more focused on what will help you boost yourself easier rather than raw stats.
  • Status effects do not work on the boss, don’t even try them.
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