Shadows Over Loathing – The Umbraline Solution Achievement Guide

A guide on how to get Umbraline Solution, and beat the game with Adam.

How to Obtain The Umbraline Solution Achievement


The Umbraline Solution

  • Adams saved the universe.

What You Need to Do

You need to have chosen chemistry as your major in SIT to get Adam as a companion. He has a single vignette in SIT campus when he has leveled up enough, which may or may not be required for the ending.

You have to go to Chemicals and go to this machine.

Then use it and choose Mercury, then Lead, then Arsenic, and last Lithium. (1 2 3 4) and keep the mixture to get A vial of Umbraline Annihilator.

Use this on the floating eyes in the ending and you will get the achievement.

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  1. Adam also has a second vignette in Crystaldream Lake where he smells a flower.
    You have to first talk with Adam in the resolution area, where he mentions that it reeks of umbraline. After talking with him, the prompt for using umbraline will show up when talking to the floating eyes.

    • Thank you! That’s what I was missing. One of the steam threads said he only had one vignette. For anyone else, the other vignette is in SIT but I don’t know what triggered it.

  2. I don’t understand what you mean by use these on the floating eye? I don’t seem to have an option to use this item anywhere in the resolution. I have adams with me and did his vignette.

    • Okay thank you, does that happen to be you first fight the eyes? I did pacifist so I don’t think I can get past that fight, that’s the only place I wasn’t able to check.

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