Shadowverse – How to Build Your Own Deck

How to build you own deck, which I would give the tip for beginner or elite player which need help when power creep happen on new patch and new cards.

Guide to Build Your Own Deck

What You Need

This game are a card game, and need heavy cost of to bought the new gold and rainbow cards, which meaning most of time on early you would struggle on the card.

For the elite player who played this game over an year, also feel the pain to develop your deck to upgrade and catch up the new cards set.

How Many Cost You Capable

For many guide have mention about this for new player so I won’t talk the same thing twice.

For new player on new five cards patch would give ten packs to your, and assign you phone give classical ten packs to you, finish most of the mission give tons of gold which you could use, to be clear below are simple list.

  1. Recent cards.
  2. Assign phone.
  3. Done the mission.
  4. Done the daily mission.

This are most player who didn’t spend money, which are valuable thing for you to build the decks.

The First Thing

For most of player, special for the player who first to this game, are open all your packs at first, you need every packs to your hand.

There are three type of deck as below, you may need to played it for few round with AI.

  1. Arggo (early).
  2. Middle.
  3. Late.

Some class like swordsman class are born to be arggo, most cards are straight direct hit enemy with rush and storm, the other like the heaven class slow to game, which meaning after seven round to counter kill enemy.

Since I won’t know how your cards draw from packs since it’s random, so I would give suggest, make sure you deck have below.

  1. Early rush (turns 1~4, when EP come to play).
  2. Counter (turns 1~7, most arggo match end here).
  3. One shoot kill (turns 7~10 kill the enemy leader with broken storm cards).

Your Own Perfect Deck

How to say this, how could a deck is “perfect deck”, I would say this depend on vary for everyone, the perfect I mean are your own resource, since you can’t build a card if you didn’t own it, and early player can’t build full on gold and rainbow, which very important to enhance the win rate of your deck, below are the thing I say.

  1. Draw card: the very basic in this game, give you tons of benefit and draw many cards to hand.
  2. Spell counter: when used spell well you could exchange enemy monster with much low cost spell in hand.
  3. Rush card: every deck need this, as many as you could grab, so top this up in your deck.
  4. Storm card: we only win if you damage the caster, so storm are essential element, but do remember did storm won’ be burden, some time the storm card cost would be too high.
  5. End game card: one shot kill card like the rune 20 hp blow you down in one hit, every deck need three of this cards to end enemy caster.

Test Test and Test

Every one had newbie stage, which quite easy to see, you have little cards pool in your own cards, so it’s really painful, I do known this thing, since I had a terrible expensive while new player who enter this place.

So how to build the deck, as below

  1. Meta.
  2. Rotation.
  3. Unlimited.
  4. Your own deck.

Meta have the most win rate, but used heavy on gold and rainbow, most player can’t even build one or two meta deck full build, so I say test and test to found your own deck, it may not be the higher win rate, but it’s the cards which your own.

The step are easy, build a few auto deck and played with the easy AI, this give you time to practice room, you could pick the right cards or cards which maybe come in handy.

The finally are ranked, maybe not the best deck, but you could known how to build your deck, like bite the bullet, so as this end, hope everyone learned some thing in this guide.

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