Shattered Hourglass – Complete Guide

As this game have many choices I will try to replay the game until I have found anything.

Full Guide

Chapter I – Tides of Sand – Intro


Note that you first have to disable Fullscreen to toggle the resolution for a bigger window.

Window mode is easier for looking into the guide.

ALT-key will pause the game.

In case your keyboard is acting weird (like only the ALT key is working), reboot your PC (a known bug of those maker games).


Once you have control of Duran (no menu), talk to the NPCs and use the teleporter.


  • Find a Magic Jelly in the small drawer and read all the books in the library (even the one blocked by the NPC, so try from the side).
  • Go upstairs and read the other books before you talk to the Grand Mage to unlock the “Bookworm” Achievement once you head downstairs again.
  • Leave the library.
  • Head north and talk to the old mage to proceed.
  • Talking to NPCs or investigating everything is recommended or you might miss something.
  • Enter the last house.

Boss Mage Slayer: Duran only has some fire dealing no damage and healing spells. His time spells are not really helpful, but the Mage Slayer wants to see them.

You cannot win.

Fion Forest

  • Items (map 1): 25 Gold, Potion x2, Magic Shield, Antidote
  • Items (cave 1): Bread, 200 Gold

You have no access to the menu and saving.

  • Check the spot you are standing, read the sign, investigate the hare and sleeping NPC.
  • Defeat the monsters with your fire spell.
  • They will be listed into the Identify Book with all their possible drops.
  • Enter the cave and you can light two torches.
  • After crossing the cave…

Boss Veteran Ice Wolf: best heal up and save before you attack it. If possible cast Haste and Candle Fire. Follow the hints to defeat it and unlock the Achievement “Who’s the boss?”

  • Items (map 2): 50 Gold
  • Items (cave 2): Book of Difficulity Adjustment

You cannot return.

  • Don’t forget to enter the 2nd cave but wait with the difficulty adjustments until you have reached the next location.
  • Read the Riddle Note #1 and unlock “Riddler’s Chest #1” to obtain Stimulant M & Magic Up and the Achievement.
  • Leave the cave and proceed.


  • Items: 100 Gold (behind tree near the red chest), 155 Gold (red chest)

Stay away from the well for now!

You can reach the red chest when you investiate between the trees next to a bucket near the inn tent.

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