ShellShock Live – Guide to Getting Stars

How to Get The Stars and How Many Are There

How many stars are there?


How do you get the stars?

You must be level 100 and earn XP to get them

How much XP for each star?

  1. Star Is 1 Million XP
  2. Stars Is 1.5 Million XP
  3. Stars Is 2.5 Million XP
  4. Stars Is 5 Million XP
  5. Stars Is 10 Million XP

(If you are already level 100 you will probably have 1 to 3 stars already or all of them depending how long you played the game before the stars got added in version 1 )

Do the stars add anything special?

No not really.

Best modes for XP?

Rebound is top of the modes for XP as it offers the highest multiplyer of x4.08 ( originally x4.59 )

  1. Set mode to rebound
  2. Set type ( teams ) to free for all
  3. Player limit set that to 8
  4. Put wind to max
  5. Turn timer set that to 20 or 30 seconds
  6. Make sure items are off
  7. Max level ( what the lowest level of player that can join ) set it to off ( but risk getting cheap kunts ) or set it max level 20
  8. Set start weapons to 1 ( use to be under mod setting )
  9. In mod setting turn on cage match if you don’t mind the drop in XP from x4.08 to x3.26
  10. Make sure the map choice is set to generated and not random

I know I will have missed something important here about the rebound and stars but this is the best mode for getting them fastest which will feel extremely slow but worth it in the long run.

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